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Waubonsie Valley Orchestra 
Waubonsie Valley Orchestra

Through 2018 we'll keep this active: The Waubonsie Valley Orchestra will receive 50% of any of these 4 products purchased to help with their fundraising efforts! I know unbelievable!!

FYI - The small canisters will come with 30gms of loose tea (15 servings). The large will have 60 grams (30 servings). If you order it with EASY FILL BAGS. The small will come with enough loose tea and a packet of 10 Easy Fill Bags with instructions (real easy). The large...well just double it!

*** The Mozart will have less net weight because it's an herbal... but no worries you'll still get enough for all the servings. A level teaspoon is all you'll need for all the blends!!!

Price: $4.95

Tea Type Loose LeafEasy Fill Bags

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