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The Dream

People ask me how I went from almost 3 decades in emergency services as a paramedic and managing a region to creating a tea business. So I tell them how: one night back in early 2006 I had a dream. I was walking down the rural road I grew up on. I passed an elderly lady who was cooking something on a small fire in the ditch. As I approached her she asked me if I wanted some apple tea. An odd question I recalled, because I seldom drank coffee let alone tea, but being polite I reached down and took the cup. I drank it and told her, "This is great tea." She replied with, "Of course it is, you created it." Thinking she was a crazy old lady, I handed her the cup back. As I did this the dream slowly started to turn from black & white to color. I turned and continued to walk down the dirt road. Soon after I awoke.

The odd thing was, I couldn't shake this dream. I always believed our dreams were simply issues, events, or snapshots that play out in our subconscious. Most of the time one can figure out why they dreamt certain things. I'm sure many psychotherapists could rip this dream apart. Trust me I tried for weeks that turned into months, but I could think of nothing that happened or was thought of that could explain this "old lady apple tea" dream. So I turned to the internet, I studied tea and apples and even tried to make my own apple tea from apples, bad idea! What I discovered was that although there are many tea companies out there, they all create their own blends and flavors and we as consumers are limited to what they think we'll like. Being a "tail-end baby-boomer", overlapping into "generation X", I realized the missing component was CHOICE. And who doesn't want choices in life? These companies didn't offer that. That's when the dream clicked; it came rushing back and it became a passion. It was like a weight was lifted off my back; that passion soon became purpose and Design a Tea was born.

So after many months experimenting, learning and understanding what tea is and can be, I launched Design a Tea. A tea company where people can create their own tea blend and really experience choice.

A Little More About Us...

Brian and Jenn Pfeiffer

Leaving a respected and profitable position in emergency services was a major leap of faith. Faith in the concept, the products, the dream, but most importantly myself. We all reach a point in our lives where we need to take back control. Having spent many years in the corporate setting and understanding the principles of what is and isn't a priority, I soon realized I didn't fit that mold and it became harder and harder during the past several years to excel in that environment. One can imagine the battles I fought. Life and work should not be about battles, flow charts, projections, graphs and statistics. I understand business and also realize those things are necessary in the business world to measure growth and success. But to have those become the purpose or the motivation to success is where I and the corporate world looked at things a little differently.

Maybe it's something I learned way back before my father died. He was a great carpenter (self-employed) and he believed your word and a handshake was what good business was all about. How times have changed. Will people take advantage of this belief? Sure they will, but I'll still try and bring that simple business concept to Design a Tea as much as possible or as much as our attorney will allow us. Life is way too short to fight battles all the time. So grab some tea - "custom designed of course"- a cup of hot water, find a quite hiding place (maybe under your desk or in a dark closet....no, don't do it in the closet; you have a cup of hot water...) and simply enjoy the next 15 minutes of this adventure they call reality.

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