Fund Raising Opportunities

Fundraising example Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Specialty or artisan teas are in a growth phase that hasn't been seen in the consumer market since the diet drink battles of years past.

Look at the explosion of tea companies and products in the major supermarket chains. Whether it is the health benefits or the focus on the "appreciation" of tea, it's a growing industry and is a great unique fund raising product to offer your community!

Design a Tea offers an artisan tea product line that is:

How it Works

There are two options:

  1. DIRECT SALES: You take orders and collect the money directly from your supporters. You forward the order sheet to us - we'll ship all the filled orders back to you and invoice you $3.90 for each unit ordered. Suggested selling price of $6.50 for a profit of $2.60 each sale. That's a profit of 40%. No money upfront!
  2. WEB SITE SALES: You get the word out. Newsletters, blogs, posters, bulletins, however you can direct folks to our site, we'll do the rest. Instruct your customers to enter a word, or code that we have prearranged with you when they check out. We'll send 25% of the product total to your organization monthly. We will also take $1.50 off our flat shipping/handling charge so it'll be a flat $3.50 for the entire order!.


For more information or a brochure, email or call us at (585) 591-2994

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