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SpecialTEA Samplers 
SpecialTEA Samplers

13 themed tea bags in each sampler: Golf Tea- from broken golf club to golf vistas to a sinking golf cart... Par Tea- various drink pictures... which lead up to a few "hangover" pictures! Spor Tea- various sport pictures Veg TEA ble - NOT ACTUAL VEGETABLE TEAS- Yuck! But there are pictures of different vegetables, along with things you would see around a crop farm. A farm wouldn't be complete without a "farm dog" - yes he made the cut! This one would be great as a "thank you" to an area farmer for doing hard work at a much under appreciated job... that we all need. Actual teas are a random mix of blends. ENJOY
Price: $8.90

SpecialTEA Choices Golf Tea
Par Tea
Spor Tea
Veg TEA ble

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