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Yerba Mate 
Yerba Mate

Mate - comes from a small evergreen (holly family). High in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. There is an entire "ritual" or process to drinking Mate. It's usually steeped in a hollow gourd (Cuia), rolled around and compressed, then cold water can be added. A metal straw with mesh on the bottom called a Bombilla is used to drink from the bottom of the gourd, passed around, to the right (I believe) and shared with all in the circle. If you don't have a bombilla/gourd... it's totally OK, you can use a tea bag or strainer- just don't let your friends see you enjoying it this way, they might call the Bombilla Police! NO FRILLS PACKAGING means you'll get your tea in a Glassine Lined bag instead of the fancy labeled "normal canister or package" AND we add a little more tea for less money!
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Tea Type Loose LeafEasy Fill Bags
No Frills Program (See Details) pricing NoYes

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