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NO FRILL Signature Blends? 
NO FRILL Signature Blends?

Like our other No-Frills CUSTOM BLEND program (can find that in Other Teas & Herbs section), YOU GET MORE TEA FOR LESS CASH-OLA. Extra bags or extra grams! If a gift, you can't beat the fancy custom labeled packaging... but if you've already ordered that custom label or don't care about the fancy package (it'll come in a glassine lined paper bag for freshness) this is the perfect option. Down side is we don't custom label our "no-frills" packaging. A SMALL = 24 grams of loose tea with 11 EASY FILL Tea Bags included and a small "Travel Packet" - If you order it "LOOSE" = 32grams of tea. LARGE - 22 EASY FILL Tea Bags included with 44 grams of loose tea - If you order it "LOOSE" = 64 grams of tea *** See details...for more details ***** The weights will be less for the NAMASTE/BUTTERFLY BLENDS than other standard sizes... only because the chamomile and lavender are less dense than base teas... but no worries, we still give you extra and you'll still EASILY get the the regular 11/22 bags worth or 17/32 servings if loose.
Price: $4.85

Tea Type Loose LeafEasy Fill Bags

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