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One of our customers asked why we didn't give them the option of downloading a picture to their canister of customized tea and the ability to have their friends BUY THE EXACT LABELED CANISTER OF TEA (Your label & designed blend!!). We stood there with that stupid "deer in the head light" look for a minute, then said, "Well we do now!!!! THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: give a shout or email us OR in your "Additional Information" after you order; tell us you want to offer your CUSTOM LABELED TEA to our Signature Blends Page!!!! Once set-up, tell your friends that YOUR TEA will be on the last page of the SIGNATURE BLENDS (see examples)... we want folks to buy our Signatures stuff first thats why we put at the end :) ANY QUESTIONS- PLEASE GIVE A SHOUT we'll be happy to walk you through it... Now start creating!!!
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