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Feel Better Tea 
Feel Better Tea

Jenn gets total credit for this blend. Feeling a "bit under the weather" one morning, she hit the books to find what might make her feel better. Like a mad scientist she mixed up this tea and sure enough she "felt great". Like Butterfly Tea, it does have a calming effect after drinking it. Why or how? Why ask the question, as long as it works. Like any herbal teas, you should make sure the herbs involved will not "mess with any medications you might be taking or health problems you are aware of. Our amounts are very small, but better to play it safe and check them out. Mountain Rose Herbs website is a great resource for this. A Small will get you 10 EASY FILL Tea Bags with 16gms of tea - If you order it as "Loose Leaf" = 20gms of tea. A Large = 20 Easy Fill Bags and 35gms of tea. If ordered as large "Loose Leaf" = 44gms of tea.
Price: $4.95

Tea Type Loose LeafEasy Fill Bags

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