100% Unconditional Guarantee of Freshness and Satisfaction

The flavorings we use to flavor your teas are all natural and 100% organic. We hand-blend each order as we receive them to ensure freshness. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us and we will gladly figure out a way to make it right.

Shipping Policy

Orders placed on Designatea.com are usually blended and shipped within 4-5 business days from the time the order is received. Each order is shipped through the United States Postal Service with a tracking number and will be delivered in a padded mailer or small box depending on the size of your order. Please contact us for RUSH delivery-a charge may apply.

Returned Items: Packages returned due to incorrect or incomplete address information which was entered on the original order form will result in an additional S/H charge.

Canadian orders: We love doing business with our friends to the North. We hate to do it -but with the 2018 USPS rate increases- we have to raise the base shipping rate to $9.75 per order up to 16 ounces. If order is over 16 ounces a 25% surcharge will be added to the base shipping cost after order is placed. We'll email you first if this is the case to confirm.

International Orders: Give us a shout first for a shipping estimate.


We use various ingredients in creating our base flavor profiles. Most fruit flavor profiles, as an example, not only have organic flavoring added to the tea leaves but other "stuff" to create that flavor. Stuff like rose hips, respective fruit bits and flowers for a little added color. :) We think a pretty blend is always...well a pretty blend!

*** SOY CONCERN: Our flavorings DO USE a VEGETABLE GLYCERIN as one of the carriers for the flavor. The manufacturer states that their flavorings are free from Soy but that their facility does contain various soy products, so in theory there could be cross-contamination to some degree. We understand and respect the soy concerns and sensitivity that some people have and the ongoing debate about soy in teas and natural flavoring - so why fart around? We would suggest that if you have a concern regarding the trace amount or potential of soy or ANY allergen, in any product (ours included), just don't purchase it. We don't want to scare you away from a sale - but our commitment to your health is far more important than a few dollars.

TREE NUTS: There are obviously tree nuts on our humble premise - so like all manufacturers there is a risk of cross-contamination. We hand blend each batch to order so we can be very careful and keep that risk to a minimum... but again, in theory there is a risk.

***VANILLA: We use Almonds in our vanilla base for a little extra creaminess. And obviously almonds/pecans/chestnut bits in their respective flavor profiles.

SO if you have any specific allergy or sensitivity to ANY ingredient(s) - PLEASE let us know in the Additional Information section during check out OR drop us a line (585.591.2994) before/after your order and we'll gladly blend without.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy. :)

Herbal Precautions

We at Design a Tea truly believe there are health benefits to tea and herbs. But we don't suggest or recommend any specific tea or herb for specific medicinal usage. Most herbs do have contraindications and shouldn't be used if you are pregnant or think you may be. Many herbs can interfere with certain medications. So we HIGHLY suggest you check with your personal health professional before adding ANY HERBS to your custom tea blends. SO CHECK FIRST-ADD LATER. :)

Looking to Mail Order?

If you would like to place an order through mail or fax, download our printable order form.

Ethical Tea Partnership And the Environment

Ethical Tea Partnership logo

Design a Tea wants to believe that the working conditons, wages and benefits are fair and equitable for the growers of our teas. So we strive to deal with buyers and importers that feel the same way we do. The ETP Certification is what our supplier of fine teas has commited to: Ethical Tea Partnership is similar to the Fair Trade organizaton, but has a much broader scope for tea consumers since its focus is on TEA ONLY. Because tea is not a publicly traded commodity like coffee, Fair Trade is unable to penetrate many of the nuances and regional peculiarites of the tea trade.

Where the ETP also differs from Fair Trade is primary focus. Fair Trade's focus is mainly on economics. The ETP is a socially and environmentally directed organizaton.

For more informaiton visit: www.ethicalteapartnership.org

Free Custom Labeling for Businesses

Design a Tea offers free custom labeling on all our packaging. Simply complete Step 4 of the Design a Tea order form with your business name. Business logos can be incorporated on the label as well for no additional cost. Please email your logo or specific details to Brian at brian@designatea.com after placing your order or call us at 585.591.2994.

Wholesale Program

We do offer wholesale pricing for small business'. Please feel free to contact us at 585.591.2994 or email brian@designatea.com for details.

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